An exciting job opportunity for a results-oriented leader who will be responsible for the IT department

We are currently offering an exciting job opportunity for a results-oriented leader who will be responsible for the IT department. This role requires a strong background in technical/system infrastructures, along with a keen focus on maintaining efficient and error-free system performance. Effective communication, cost management, and timely delivery will be key priorities in this position.


  • Continuous development and management of the IT company's system environment (up to 10 subordinates)
  • Coordination of the implementation and operation of information systems
  • Concept of developing and operating application and system software, license management:
  • Comprehensive management of hardware IT resources
  • Concept of IT infrastructure and auxiliary technology development, modernization, and operation
  • IT system integration
  • Security of information systems and IT infrastructure
  • Selection of IT resources supporting the company's strategic goals
  • Documentation for the conclusion of supplier contracts for the purchase of IT resources
  • Coordination of user support - training, Help Desk, Service Desk
  • Assessment of technical assignments
  • Performance of other activities related to the agreed type of work based on instructions from the immediate superior (Head of Operation)

Requirements, Personality:

  • University Degree (in IT or equivalent additional training)
  • 5+ years of IT management experience
  • Overview and understanding of the IT processes
  • Intensive communication skills
  • Experience with IT projects
  • Fluent English
  • Exemplary attention to detail and excellent communication skills
  • Responsibility and the ability to work independently
  • Proactivity in problem-solving and effective time management

Place of Employment: Bratislava

Salary: up to €3 000 per month+ bonuses

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