HR Manager

A compelling position for a multinational company tasked with establishing a department aimed at improving the working environment and company culture.

The role of this position is to develop and manage the implementation of plans and specific HR programs to ensure the most effective utilization of human resources in support of the company's key performance indicators, aligning them with the corporate strategy.

Our client is a multinational company operating in the field of technical services.


  • HR policies and procedures, planning:
    - Planning rounds for HR and holding HR budget, updating and monitoring HR budget forecast, analyzing potential savings etc.
    - Implement programs to meet HR requirements supporting short and long-term business needs
    - Responsible for a legal correctness of HR – employment contracts, agreements, leaving process, disciplinary procedures, preventive health activities, etc.
  • Training, personal development:
    - Developing the up to date system for staff dialogue
    - Preparing the education plan for the whole company with budgets (e.g. new language skills concept, a new concept for management development )
    - Implementing e.g. 360degree feedback, development centers, coaching, a mentoring for new comers
    - Preparing the new methodology implementation for Assessment centers of staff dialogues
    - E-learning portal
  • Organization structure, job evaluation, job description:
    - Conducting job evaluation in case of promoting job to a higher grade
    - Reevaluating job in case of a new job profile
    - Adjusting the salary ranges, and career path discussion linked to succession
  • Recruitment, succession gap planning:
    - Identifying (with management) the best way of filling vacancies (headcount planning)
    - Sharing some employees etc. preparing the most efficient battery for the selection process
    - Interviewing and participating in the recruiting process

Employee Benefits:

  • Employment in a stable international company that provides a solid foundation for career growth
  • Opportunities for personal development, including educational training and courses
  • Support for health and well-being at work, team-building activities

Requirements, Personality:

  • Completed higher education
  • Fluent English
  • 5 years’ experience linked to the HR field (talent program, education)
  • Experience with computer work and the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Responsibility and the ability to work independently
  • Proactivity in problem-solving and effective time management

Place of Employment: Bratislava

Salary: up to €2 500 per month+ bonuses

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