We are looking for a part of the Management Team of Company, along with Production & Assembly, Procurement, Finance, Human Resources, Quality and Structural Group.

The Supply Chain Manager is responsible for managing the supply chain of Company (master scheduling, internal/external planning, operational purchasing, associated inventory, warehouse and logistics (inbound & outbound).

The Supply Chain Manager has 3 direct reports, while the operational activities are carried out by a team of approximately 45 staff,
works closely with the departments in the Supply Chain, industries and external suppliers.
In addition, the Supply Chain Manager spends up to 20% of time participating in global improvement initiatives (participation in global projects)
and reports to the Plant Manager and Corporate office.

Job requirements

  • Higher vocational or Academic education professional level
  • Broad knowledge and experience with products, processes and logistics concepts in a technical production environment
  • Familiar with logistics concepts (Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints, QRM, etc.)
  • Certified or similar education
  • Knowledge of the 5M model (Man, Machine, Method, Material, Mission)
  • Extensive experience in a management position
  • Knowledge of logistics, production and assembly processes
  • Very high knowledge of MRP, ERP (SAP preferred)
  • Excellent command English

Key performance KPI’s responsibilities:

Inventory, delivery performance (supplier as well as production CLIP) and leadtimes

  • Short-term goal (1 year) – development of Warehouse & Logistics according needs of growth
  • Mid-term (2-3 years) - to be defined (SAP implementation, CI projects
  • Long term (4-5 years horizon) – to be defined from strategy development plan

Managing and organising:

  • Drawing up framework conditions and preconditions, as well as facilitating the communication of these conditions to the staff and teams, so as to realise the set goals
  • Drafting, introducing and monitoring the annual operational plan of the Supply Chain department (including staffing and budget)
  • Monitoring, analysing and evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency, and ensuring the identified operational Key Result Indicators are realised
  • Initiating corrective and preventive measures if deemed necessary
  • Implementing continuous improvement initiatives aimed at reducing costs and increasing productivity, product quality and delivery performance (availability) through the use of uniform methods and company standards
  • Ensuring safe, healthy and environment-friendly working conditions for the Supply Chain staff
  • Actively participate and co-ordinate activity related to co-locations
  • Leadership - Purchasing & Planning
  • Communication with external partners (customers, vendors, transport companies)
  • Allocating resources within the Supply Chain with a view to optimising the process handling
  • Taking into account the availability of employees, materials, skills, budget, quality requirements and delivery date targets
  • Translating the demand (0-3 months deep) to internal planning and managing the progress
  • Making preparations and implementing them in order to meet the medium-term (3-9 months)
  • Coordinating and aligning with strategic procurement in relation to purchase contracts
  • Safeguarding the functionality of the ERP system and, by doing so, keeping IT support in line with the desired functionality


  • Expressing the chosen direction with regard to the content and methods of the daily management: include staff, teams and other stakeholders in the ‘why’ and be an ambassador of the vision
  • Developing a vision that results in a strategy to organise and give direction to the team within the jointly set frameworks
  • Instilling focus, formulating realistic objectives, managing expectations and enforcing consequences
  • Providing input to the Managing Director and subsequently implementing operational initiatives based on the company's medium-term strategy


  • Ensuring agreements are fulfilled
  • Leading by example, ensuring the rules, values, standards are complied with, acting as role model
  • Assigning tasks and responsibilities and giving instructions, taking into account the priorities and capacities of the employees
  • Monitoring the progress and quality
  • Developing, stimulating and motivating the staff
  • Providing feedback on the performance of the staff regarding their tasks, attitude and behaviour
  • Performing the Human Resources aspect within the area of responsibility, specifically the selection of employees
  • Co-deciding on the individual employment of the staff
  • Conducting performance reviews and appraisals, implementing consequences and seeing to other employee-related activities
  • Developing a culture in which people feel responsible and are given freedom (engaging the staff and teams by leaving room for individual initiative)

SALARY: Based on the experience and seniority of candidate, 3500-4000 EUR/Brutto/monthly

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