Teamlead IT Operations

Exciting job opportunity for a results-oriented leader who will be responsible for ensuring smooth and uninterrupted system operations.

This role requires a strong background in technical/system infrastructures, along with a keen focus on maintaining efficient and error-free system performance. Effective communication, cost management, and timely delivery will be key priorities in this position.

Key responsibilities:

  • Steering external vendors: Responsible for managing and overseeing external vendors to ensure they meet service requirements and contractual obligations.
  • Service operations management: Overseeing the day-to-day operations of services, including planning, coordination, and performance evaluation to ensure reliable and efficient service delivery.
  • Developing and implementing plans to address security or compliance gaps: Creating and executing plans to address identified security or compliance weaknesses and ensuring adherence to regulations and standards.
  • Implementing group requirements into local infrastructure: Ensuring the implementation of centralized group requirements and standards within the local infrastructure, which may involve deploying new technologies and maintaining consistency across the organization.
  • Collaboration with HQ and other markets on common projects, especially centralization.
  • Participation and/or steering of the following processes:
    Service Operations, Service Requests, Incidents, Problems, Continuity, Service Level Agreements, Changes

Place of work: Bratislava

Salary: app 3500 EUR/Gross monthly + bonuses + car policy

Other Experiences and qualifications:

  • University Degree (in IT or equivalent additional training)
  • 5+ years of IT management experience
  • Overview and understanding of the IT processes (local/global)
  • Experience with IT projects
  • Fluent English
  • Exemplary attention to detail and excellent communication skills
  • Self-motivated, enthusiastic and professional leader

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