Candidate experience

"Candidate experience" is undoubtedly an important aspect of every selection process. The question is whether it receives sufficient attention from managers in companies.

What do candidates recommend to "talent gatekeepers"?

  • Not raising their voice
  • Adhering to the scheduled start time of the interview for everyone
  • Not giving off a tired or sleepy impression
  • Not ending the interview prematurely
  • Not speaking too negatively about the position
  • Providing appropriate and agreed-upon feedback
  • Being professionally friendly
  • Not arousing the feeling of mapping the competition with detailed questions

What helps effectively conduct interviews?

  • Friendliness and accommodation: A nervous candidate has a harder time focusing on their answers and may come across as average.
  • Active listening to understand strengths and motivations
  • Asking relevant questions: Pose questions that relate to experiences, abilities, attitudes, and different work-related situations that arise.
  • Setting clear expectations for the job position: If you are unsure about what or who you are looking for, you may cause uncertainty and subsequent rejection of the position by candidates.