Is a Photo a Must-Have or a Misstep in a resume?

There are numerous recommendations regarding the format and content of a resume, but there are no strictly defined rules. Your resume can express your individuality.

Currently, there are many options available for creating a quality resume. Sometimes, utilizing available CV creation tools can assist you in selecting the format, text length, data details, and information.

When deciding whether to add your photo to a resume, you should consider potential risks, such as discrimination based on appearance or stereotypes associated with certain racial and ethnic groups.

Adding a photograph:

  • Helps you stand out and be noticed by increasing the visual attractiveness of the resume. A high-quality and professional photo on a resume can enhance the visual appeal of the document and draw the recruiter's attention to your profile. This can be an advantage when applying for jobs in highly competitive fields.
  • Shows that you have taken care and are trying to make a good impression on potential employers. This can be perceived positively.
  • Creates more trust. If you are applying for jobs in certain countries, adding a photo can be important for establishing trust with potential employers.
  • Highlights the ability to adapt to trends. In many job fields, candidates are expected to be able to adapt to modern trends and habits. Having a photo on your resume can show that you can adapt and are dynamic.

However, there are also drawbacks:

  • It can potentially contribute to discrimination. Some employers may tend to make selections based on appearance, which should not influence the selection of a qualified candidate.
  • It can raise suspicion. If the photo on your resume is of low quality or appears outdated, it may raise doubts among potential employers. This can be problematic in certain fields where visual presentation is highly important, such as fashion, marketing, and sales.

Our suggestion:
If you decide to add a photo to your resume, make sure it is of high quality and not older than a year.
If you decide not to include a photo, ensure that your resume contains sufficient information about your education and experiences that can also make an impression.